Church of Erotic Arts, Feminine Embodiment & Energy Healing

Hi Love!

I am currently in the midst of creating something new & juicy in The Monarch Temple to guide humans to step into their most authentic embodiment the feminine way through embodying their eros, feminine and sexual healing.

We are upgrading to a 5 month online temple space, VIP in person experiences & group retreats! Oooouuu I AM SO EXCITED to immerse you!

In order to serve the collective best, I decided to conduct 10 HOLY LOVE connection calls per month to build this temple space to serve you ever so deeply.

My intention for this call is to learn more about you and how I can serve best to create an empowering and healing experience for those desiring to tap into their feminine & sexuality.


So goddess(xx), it will look like this :

  • I’m going to ask you some questions about your experience
  • Provide insights &/or healing space if something comes up
  • Share about the program I am creating for feedback


It would be an honor to hear and learn about your journey! 


It is my absolute to leave you feeling clearer about your situation as we connect together in the session.


We will go on for roughly 30-45 minutes.

So..who is this for? Do I qualify?

  • You identify with any of these: Femmes, Women (ALL WOMEN), Womb Carrier, & Assigned Female at Birth QTGNCNB++ community (nonbinary, agender, gender fluid etc)
  • You have experienced burnout, stagnation and often confusion and desiring change
  • You are a recovering people pleaser and you want to be in alignment with your truth
  • You have experienced dissatisfaction in your relationships with others, your body, the universe and you desire to have better relationships.
  • You literally just want to be more connected to your pussy and OWN IT
  • You keep dating the “same person” even though they look different & you are ready for love
  • You grew up with lots of  religious programming & shame around your body and sexuality. You desire to heal this and mend your relationship with the universe in a different way
  • You have experienced slut shaming and sexual shaming and desire to tap into your sense of empowered sexuality
  • You have felt disconnected from your body, they feel angry at you or unable to feel safe in your body and desire to mend that relationship, you want to fall in love with your body
  • You are looking to feel more pleasure in the bedroom and to feel connected with your sexual energy in a sacred way
  • You have experienced heartbreak and desire to call in your energies back to you fully & believe in love again
  • You feel like you cant create anything, and you desire to have more energy running through you
  • You have experienced sexual violence and have been through other types of support such as therapy etc and desire something different to reclaim your sexuality

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg there is SO MUCH that we have been through that initiates us to our power.

Oftentimes the source of disempowerment shows us the path to our greatest power.

This invitation is open to those who desire healing in the Goddess frequency.

If this all feels like a FUCK YES to you heres the link to schedule our call: