Church of Erotic Arts, Goddess Embodiment & Erotic Healing

Beloved, are you feeling guided to journey deeper within to embrace the feminine? 

Welcome your sacred temple into

The Monarch Temple: FOUR 

A Feminine Embodiment & Sensual Healing Retreat

Together I would love to invite you to walk together in 

a four day etherial journey to the Goddess through breath, movement, sound and senses.

A container to begin to heal.. through reclaiming your soft power through pleasure, love & abundance.

A journey to a remembrance of the feminine..

The softest thing can’t ever be broken . 



The Monarch Temple: FOUR is a 4 day in person or online container, a space created between the benevolent loving compassionate spirit, you the goddess & The Monarch Temple to tap into your soft power.

This is a space for you to receive healing through a deep sense of presence in your body.

A commitment to sit in a space of just being with you without any of the fancy embellishments. 

Can you allow yourself to sit in this moment without any distractions? Just to simply be. 


Be with each other 

Be with yourself 

Be witnessed 

Be heard 



For the body 

For presence 

For each other 

For beauty 

For love 

For gentleness 

For softness 

Who is this for?

  • You are ready to listen to the call to tend to these old stories and woundings that are older than your physical form
  • You feel burnt out and disconnected from the body & ready to shift the story
  • You work in the service industry or medical field & desire to reconnect to the body
  • You live in a high fast pace environment and desire to slow down & deepening a sense of self intimacy
  • You have been through a heart break, disappointment & just a lot lately and desire to call all parts of you back home into your body
  • You live in a hypermasculine lifestyle GO GO GO and desire to slow down & a connection to the embodied feminine. 
  • You are disciplined, committed, structured & highly intellectual but desire to incorporate more flow, balance, ease & intuitive intelligence 
  • You have felt like it was hard to connect to other women in your life & you desire to find connection through sister(sibling)hood. 

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg there is SO MUCH that we have been through that initiates us to our power.

Oftentimes the source of disempowerment shows us the path to our greatest power.

This invitation is open to those who desire healing in the Goddess frequency.

Pleasure is simply being embodied in accordance to your deepest sense of authenticity and truth in the present moment. 

Pleasure is activating your soft power the true embodied love essence originating from the seed of creation. 

Not for anyone else 

Not for your ego 

Just for what is simply present 

To be able to call in what is yours truthfully it all roots deep into a sense of presence. 

To be able to pay attention to something more than a 30 second reel is to be able to truly gift yourself to the purpose of life of your choosing.

Tapping into that sense of purposeful pleasure is unfolded through presence.

If this all feels like a FUCK YES to you heres the link to schedule our call: