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This is an invitation to deepen your relationship with self intimacy

It is the key to your greatest pleasure embodiment.

The mirror is a divine amplifier tool in the 3D realm.

They show us all sides of us.

Mirror work is a journey of unfolding and allowing.

suggested for this ritual

I suggest to use headphones for this ritual.

Following the Ritual:

as seen in

Meet your guide

In rooted sovereignty, we rise together in heart centric leadership

Hara Aramaya (They/she/he) is a pleasure embodiment coach who works with women & the gender expansive community to birth a life governed by love, pleasure and abundance.

They walk hand in hand with clients as they shed societal conditioning, shame, guilt and false beliefs around their bodies and sexuality.

Formerly a burnt out registered nurse they have embraced their gifts to live in radiant alignment.

They hold spaces through offering sacred sexuality, pleasure, shadow work and embodiment rituals to help clients fully reclaim their birthright to pleasure and abundance.

Hara currently resides in Mexico and is continuously looking for ways to support and nurture the local community.

Hara works in intimate group coaching settings and private 1-1 clients to facilitate healing & pleasure embodiment.

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