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are you ready to feel Wholesome & radiaNt in
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Attune to pleasure, love & abundance in life through reclaiming your center

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Receive your Mirror WOrk ritual

This is an invitation to deepen your relationship with your body and emotions.

Seeing yourself is the key to your embodiment.

Mirror work supports us to see ourselves deeper.

It is a journey of witnessing yourself, in the art of unfolding and allowing.

we integrate ancient taNtric principles & practices to modern day living

Our Sexual Energy is our Creative Energy.
Our Sensuality How We Interact with the World Around Us.

Pleasure & working with our sexuality is not just the “bedroom stuff”, it is knowing all parts of you, your truth and being able to express it forward to create your reality desired. 

In our society, we have been deeply programmed to deny our bodies, to sever our trust with our intuition and sensory intelligence (sensuality). 

As a result, we often detach from our connection with the feminine and the body.

 Often times this leads to burn out and stagnation. 

An embodied connection with the self will bring in ease, grace, and pleasure. 

Feel connected to pleasure & free in your body in all the ways. 

We Create Our Reality from Within.

say yes to yourself & 
yes you are SO Worthy!

Feeling home in your body is the key to creating a wholesome life.

are you experiencing...

Overwhelm, Burn Out & Pressure Driven Life

Stagnation and Dissatisfaction in your relationships.

Repetitive Pattern around dating, chronic pain and scarcity

you're iN the right place if you desire to...

the six eleMents of

Embody your true self through:

Create a Life That Feels Wholesome to You Through Feeling One with All of You.

meet your Guide

Feel home in your body through connecting with your heart & creative center.

Hello beloveds! 

I am an embodiment guide & a cryptocurrency mentor who works with clients that desire to create a life governed by pleasure, love, and abundance.

I walk hand in hand with you as you step into your power through connecting with your sensual intelligence, energetic currency and creative life flow. 

I was formerly a registered nurse, dominatrix, and sex worker in NYC.  After years of burn out, I decided to follow what felt true to me. 

It lead me here with you today.

I hold spaces through offering embodiment practices, intuitively guided coaching, & if you desire.. a sustainable cryptocurrency journey.

The Monarch Temple is here to journey with you in fully reclaiming your creative power through nurtured connections with all parts of yourself.

fun facts

Channel, psychic and oracle

A holistic cryptocurrency mentor 

Hara has over 595 past lives in Egypt

Journey into

Your Body Holds the Bible Chapter Yet to be Written


Journey as a Tribe for 28 days

1:1 Journeys

Just You and Me


Energy & Womb Healing Sessions

1x journey through
The Monarch Temple

Journey as a tRibe in WHoleSome

A 28 Day Journey
(2 figure investment)

The most integrated way to live on the Tantric Path.  to invite more clarity, ease, grace, love and abundance in your life. 

What you will receive:

1:1 JourNeys

Just You and Me
(4-5 figure investment)

Imagine cultivating a life of your highest alignment, pleasure, and bliss.

Embracing true non-attachment and unconditional love in your body.

This is a deep journey to navigate your temple, step into your true power, and find home in your body.

Fall in love with yourself, your emotions, body, feelings, senses… Your kinks and taboos.

Create a new dynamic with yourself and others through radical self love.

Reclaim your erotic innocence and awaken your creativity within. 

Unbound yourself from generational stories, shame, and guilt.

Manifest soulfully aligned relationships in all areas of your life.

What you will receive:

Energy & pRiMaL /womb healing sessions

1x journey through The Monarch Temple

A 100% custom tailored 1:1 session to you. 

Embodied authentic living starts from rooted clarity within the womb & the body.

We journey together into this 1x offering through The Monarch Temple to SEE you in all that you are currently. 

When we witness your body, womb & heart to unfold the possibilities are endless.

We will get to know what stories reside within your body & transmute it.

An offering ceremony to your blockages will be initiated for these sessions prior to our 1-1 meeting.

What you will receive:

1 single session
12 days
of voxer access
a closing call


1 single session only


client love

These wonderful souls are just the best of the best!

“I can really bring my authentic self when I’m working with them. I felt like I was born again, like died and came back to life”

Embodiment Coach

let’s get in touch

I love to collaborate, co-create and to be a guest speaker/ceremonialist in different spaces!

last but Not least

Remember, the softest thing can’t ever be broken. 

See you soon!

Xox Hara

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